The Wardrobe Audit

The Wardrobe Audit takes place in the comfort of your home and, in keeping with Mien by MissE’s sustainability agenda, predominantly works with clothes you already have.


Ahead of your Wardrobe Audit, we will have an initial chat so I can introduce myself. I will also send you Mien by MissE’s personal styling questionnaire to complete which will give me insights into your lifestyle and enable me to identify what you want to achieve from your styling session.  

Your Wardrobe Audit includes:

  • A bespoke Mien by MissE Style Inspiration mood board

  • Body shape analysis.

  • A deep dive into your current wardrobe combined with a declutter. Together we will look at what you want to keep, repair, customise, sell or recycle! We will go at your pace.

  • An outfit review which will leads to the creation of a fresh, organised and enlightened capsule wardrobe.

  • Identifying any gaps you may have in your wardrobe and creating a recoomemended shopping list and store recommendation(s).

Minimum three hours session - £100. (there is a charge of £10 for every 30 minutes thereafter).