Time well-spent with Mien by MissE 

A couple of weeks ago, I had my first ever shopping experience of Personal Styling with MissE.  This was due to me wanting to readdress my personal style for my shape and to step out of my comfort zone of styles.  This experience led to me having a selection of less clothes, but clothes that could be teamed up creating a mixture of unique styles for work, social and classy business wear. 


I’ve been through various styles over my years and don’t particularly follow fashion too closely, just tend to look at something and think I like or love it.  Now I’m more conscious of how something looks and mainly want a look that is classy and casual and particularly comfortable.  I’ve just turned 50 years old and still wanna look cool with a casual urban vibe look.  I love wearing trousers, especially jeans and love stylish variety of tops .... that look different and eye catching at the same time....a cold shoulder and halter neck top style is a preferred option.


My Personal Styling time was an amazing experience to how, what and sound advice on future choosing clothes.  Due to my present body shape, I was advised to avoid horizontal shapes going across, as this would make me look bigger.  Also advise on how my clothes fitted, I may think yes I love it, but my styler would say why it would not be a great choice and allow me to see it, but would also give me the option to still go ahead with the purchase if I really insisted to have the item.  

Constructed criticism was the key to this process and I can gladly say I’m a very happy lady with my purchases and love my new wardrobe styles.  Clothes I wouldn’t have chosen.  I would have purchased a mixed selection and spent a lot more ££££.


A much worthwhile and beneficial shopping experience and we had lots of conversation throughout the experience to achieve my new look of wonderful and diverse styles.Thank you so much 💜💜 - Joy, Barbados


Leah was so lovely, warm, kind and knowledgeable. We sat and chatted over a cup of tea and she really put me at ease. At my request we went through my summer items. They are always more difficult, aren't they? Leah had me try everything on and I found it useful to have her objective opinion on what things looked like. Sometimes it's hard to tell if things look right when you are staring at yourself in the mirror trying to stop listening to your inner critic!

Leah suggested combinations that I would never have put together myself, it was inspiring! It felt like I had found a whole new wardrobe! This is what she meant when she said my clothes should be 'working hard'.

I had got myself into a bit of a style rut and stopped accessorising even though I had a jewellery box full of stuff. Leah pulled out all my old earrings and bracelets and matched them to my new outfits. She also had me try a headscarf. I wasn't sure about it at first but it was good to have someone push me to try new things. We also took photos. When I was unsure, it was good to look back at the photos and see that Leah was right all along. Ha!

It was a wonderful, confidence boosting experience. I feel like I've not only slimmed down my wardrobe but I've also tried new combinations and brought some old things back to life! Leah really knows her stuff! She's such a stylish woman and I'm glad to have a bit of her magic rub off on me! Carly Bolton via Tawain!


"I’ve never thought of myself as someone who’d enjoy having someone else take a look at what you could laughingly call my “wardrobe”, but had a great session yesterday with personal stylist MissE aka my friend the lovely Leah Payne. We spent two hours going through my so-called wardrobe (hahaha, well some things were in the wardrobe, there was also the stuff in the enormous bag of ironing and shoved into various cupboards and drawers).

So without spending a penny I feel as if I’ve got a load of new outfits! Just getting everything out and looking at it in the cold light of day helped me say farewell to the faded, stained and worn. There was a pile for the “sentimental items” that I don’t wear much but can’t bear to part with (a top I’ve had so many fab nights out in, for example). And Leah turned her creative eye to matching things up in ways I hadn’t thought of, reminding me of how nice some things are (I liked them when I bought them I guess) and they need to be worn more instead of “saved for best” or judged to be “too dressy” for the occasion. I feel empowered to flaunt my own style! And wear more red."


Mary, Manchester

Thank you for such a fun and inspiring evening last night!I woke up this morning excited about getting dressed and excited about life. Before seeing you I was basically wearing the same jeans and two tops everyday, and always felt I was letting my dressy clothes down whenever I went out to something special. 

You’ve completely changed my preconceptions about what goes with what - and what I can wear for what. I now see so many of my clothes completely differently - it feels like I’ve bought a whole new wardrobe of really nice outfits - all within one evening and all without making any purchases! Your session was the best investment; I would definitely recommend it to everyone. 

As for what you achieved with my jewellery.... you were like a genie conjuring back my favourite earrings from that melon-size tangled mess; I really thought I’d lost most of them and had completely forgotten I had them. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It turns out I don’t just have the one pair of earrings I always wear - I have about 30 awesome pairs. I am so excited.


Kate, Manchester


Thanks so much for this mood board. I am totally in love with that Collectif stripy dress and the suede handbag. I’m really intrigued by your pastel recommendation. I haven’t dabbled yet but it’s definitely in the back of my mind. I think more than the mood board, which to be fair is totally me. I have appreciated your tips and comments. I’ve minimised the wearing of the maternity bras( that I no longer need but are just so comfy!). I’ve revisited my jewellery which has been cast aside through the toddler years. This has put a bounce into my step. It makes my boring clothes feel a bit more fun. I’ve also had a good look at my existing clothes, I need to invest in some staples, I have too many signature items with nothing to pair them with so they sit unloved in the cupboard. My issue is I hate shopping. Your efforts have given me some purpose though so I can make a list of things I’d like and just pick them up as and when something catches my eye.


Caroline,  Bolton

Student Behind the Books

I really enjoyed the wardrobe audit with Leah. She spent a lot of time building a mood board based on my questionnaire responses and also took time to edit it after our session. The session was fun and very useful, I now have more confidence when matching items from my wardrobe together and have bought some new items that i wouldn't usually have considered. Thank you Leah!!!


Rose, Cheadle


You were great, very kind, open, energised. You pulled out stuff I haven’t worn in a long time! You are brilliant.

Sarah, Manchester.

A Tower of Stones

You helped me realise that I have some great items being over overshadowed by sentimental pieces &/or items. I found making decisions on what to wear nigh on impossible & only wore a fraction of what I had. 

Your lovely calm , warm & professional manner meant we were able to make huge progress in a short time . You helped me understand what I should keep & wear & why I should . You handled this process very sensitively which made letting go of the pieces straightforward & much easier to do. 

It was an afternoon extremely well spent for me . I came to my wardrobe this morning feeling relaxed & excited about my choices rather than overwhelmed & stressed into the same safe few items . You’ve helped me realise I have lots of great clothes & opened up so many possibilities in how I can wear there in a versatile way.


M, Manchester

I sought Leah's [MienbyMissE ] advice after starting a new job that required a more formal style than I wa used to previously. Leah helped me sift through my existing wardrobe for pairs of clothes that I had not thought of putting together . She also helped me find some charity shop treasures to add and accessorise what I already had. Leah gave me the confidence to wear new styles using her thoughtful, warm and enthusiastic manner and my colleagues have commented "how well put together" my outfits are. Would highly recommend! Kirsty, Glasgow