The sustainable fashion agenda is more than just a passing phase. I believe we are about to witness revolutionary change in the way people view and buy their clothes.  


The Fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world and impacts on people's human rights. The Fashion Revolution has specifically identified seven of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the fashion industry needs to commit to in order to protect Mother Earth and her inhabitants:

  • SDG 1.  No Poverty

  • SDG 5.  Gender Equality

  • SDG 8.  Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • SDG 12. Responsible consumption and Production

  • SDG 13. Climate Action

  • SDG 14. Life Below Water

  • SDG 15. Life on Land


It’s not just the fashion industries key players that need to take a stand. We have to take collective action. No matter how small you feel the action is – everyone needs to do their bit. There are simple steps we can all take to minimise the negative environmental and social impact of the fashion industry.  Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Buy secondhand

  • Do your ‘brand’ research

  • Explore sustainable brands – a lot of them are more affordable than you think!

  • Seek out local clothes swap (or swap items of your clothing with family and friends)

  • Repair and reuse your favourite garbs

  • Wash clothes on low a temperature

  • Responsibly recycle unwanted clothes and accessories

  • Donate good quality, interview appropriate clothes to Smart Works Greater Manchester (women's clothes only)

  • Drop off reusebale clothes at a charity clothes bank


My philosophy:  make the most of what you already have!

Sustainability & Personal Style