Style & Substance

So, you have a super special event coming up. You swing wide those wardrobes doors and think “I don't fancy wearing that again!" or "Grrrr! I have nothing to wear."

Mien by MissE offers an intensive 'Style & Substance' styling session so you can express yourself whatever the occasion. Initially, I will take at good look at your occasion wear to explore how we can breathe new life into what you already have.  You may prefer to take a trip to the shops in a quest for the perfect garbs for that super special event.  It is always a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to pull together that winning outfit.

Once you have completed Mien by MissE's personal styling questionnaire, I will offer advice on outfits that flatter your body shape via your bespike Mood Board and ensure that what you choose captures and reflects your personality and is perfect for the occasion. I will also suggestions on how to accessorise and give you invaluable styling tips throughout your session.