• Leah Payne

Style Yourself Sustainable - Feb 2020

If you're a frequent visitor to the website or my Instagram, you'll know that I love to pick up unique & stylish vintage clothes, shoes and accessories. These items have had a good glimpse of life before finding their way in to my grateful hands. I'm a lover of Charity Shops, Vintage Markets, Car Boots and I appreciate the style and the quality of items from the past.

On my style journey this year, I’ve been very lucky to meet other like-minded individuals. We've talked, put our minds together and fermented plans and now we're ready to share some of what we know with you. I’m super excited to be working with the lovely people at Wardrobe Wellbeing & Stitched Up to bring you our first event ‘Style Yourself Sustainable’.

Style Yourself Sustainable will be a session of spreading knowledge, empowering people to feel their best, sharing ideas and of course talking about how to make your unique personal style sustainable (it’s easier than you think!)

For event info please visit: https://stitchedup.coop/event/style-yourself-sustainable-feb-2020/

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