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Rock the Ribbon

World AIDS Day

In 1988, in response to the emerging HIV pandemic the World Health Organisation established World AIDS Day. Since then World AIDS Day continues to be held annually on the 1st December. It’s a day of awareness raising and provides the perfect opportunity to encourage HIV testing and tackle HIV stigma and discrimination.

Red Ribbon

The Red Ribbon is the international symbol that remembers people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS-related illness. The Red Ribbon is also very effective way for people to show they care on World AIDS Day and beyond!

Show You Care

This year the National AIDS Trust campaign message is: Rock the Ribbon https://www.worldaidsday.org/campaign/ Please wear something red on the 1st December. It can be anything!!! If you’re struggling for something red to wear- swing by your nearest HIV charity and pick up a Red Ribbon. In Manchester: Red Ribbonsa are available from:

BHA for Equality - https://thebha.org.uk/

George Huose Trust - https://ght.org.uk/

LGBT Foundation - https://ght.org.uk/

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