• Leah Payne

International Women's Day 2020

To women all over the world, Happy International Women's Day.

International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrates the women that were brave enough to stand up and be counted. It celebrates what it means to be a woman. IWD acknowledges female achievements and our rich and diverse contributions to society. Today also marks where we are now, observes and reminds not just women but everybody about the actions that still need to be taken to ensure that women everywhere have equal access to opportunities.

The fashion industry is in a powerful position to ensure that women working in garment factories at home and across the pond have decent work that will give them the opportunity to build a poverty-free future. Decent work will enable women to be financially independent, provide for themselves and their families. Decent work will allow women to take annual leave and take time off work in order to care for themselves and/or family members. Decent work empowers women to engage in collective bargaining in order to improve their working conditions (i.e. health and safety, working hours). Decent work will allow women everywhere to rise and shine!

This IWD, take time to do some brand research. Look at what actions brands (your favourite brand) are doing to ensure that the workers (both women and men) who make your clothes are respected and protected.

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