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Great style doesn't have to cost the earth

From the 1st May I have decided to go the full month without shopping (yes, I know a month isn’t a long time but I have to start somewhere). I'm calling this Mien by MIssE's Make Do May.

Allow me to put this in to perspective… I still need to get groceries (the essentials) and I have stocked up the cupboards today with stuff to keep us going and I made a very conscious effort also to significantly reduce the amount of groceries I buy that are wrapped in over-the-top packaging.

My no-shopping month is all about not buying more clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery. As a thrift-shopping stylist this is going to be a challenge because the majority of my wardrobe is from charity shops. I’m ALWAYS on the lookout! ALWAYS. My husband would say I have an addiction to ‘finding stuff.' While I am happy my hard earned bread is going to great causes. I’m definitely going to give it my best shot.

However, I’ve wrestled with myself this week. How can a personal fashion stylist not want to buy clothes? After all, I will still put together mood board of style inspirations that fundamentally tell people where they can source beautiful clothes. (More on this in future posts)

What’s my motivation behind setting myself this challenge? First up, I want to stop buying ‘things’ I don’t really need. My mantra to my clients is always: “let’s make the most of what you already have. Let’s breathe new life into fabulous clothes that haven’t been worn for ages.” With this in mind, ’m going to stop saving clothes for best and just get on with it! Get even more creative with my wardrobe by practicing what I preach! (plus, where can I store all this stuff I keep buying?)

Secondly, I care a lot about our environment and the people who are making our clothes. The amount of plastic I have thrown away this week alone (because I’m becoming more conscious of it) has brought tears to my eyes. Landfill. Enough said…

Finally, moving forward – I aim to make a long term commitment to looking after our planet, explore ethical garments, shop smarter (by shopping less), refine my eye for detail and encourage family, friends and of course clients to do the same.

Am I trying to save the planet. Yes. Am I stupid enough to think I can do this all by myself, No! I am simply trying to do my bit and I encourage you to do the same.

Love and Peace, Mien by MissE

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